It’s going to be a great year!

Welcome to another exciting and anticipated award-winning year of La Paz Intermediate School’s music program!

To our returning 8th grade parents, we want to welcome you back for another enriching year of music,  To our incoming 7th grade parents, we want to welcome you to what will be an exciting year of music for your children.  As parents, you will participate in a wonderful experience with your child.  You will not only have the opportunity to watch and listen to your child grow as a musician, but you will meet other parents who have kids with the same musical interest as your own.

This year will be a challenging year due to all of the state’s budget cuts. We need everyone to help out an pay their booster donation and participate in our fundraisers, so we can continue to provide the quality program that La Paz is known for.

As you may already know, La Paz has a long history of music excellence, having won many awards and praises over the years. We have maintained our quality program due to the Music Boosters. Music Boosters consists of everyone who has a child in the music program, and they provide much needed support for this program to thrive. As Boosters, we need volunteers and chaperones for difference activities throughout the year. Please take time to fill out and return the volunteer sheet in the handbook, and let us know how you can contribute. Thank you in advance for volunteering!

To keep track of your child’s music activities, please check this website often, as it will keep you updated on events and activities, and inform you of volunteer needs.  It also indicates where and when our meetings will take place. We encourage you to attend the Booster meetings so we can meet you and get your valuable input. Please feel free to email or call us throughout the year with any questions or comments.

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